• Community Soapbox #44 - Spike Vs. Mane 6, Earth Ponies, FiM's Fate Tied to the Movie, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Spike is More Beloved Than The Mane 6
    • Ideas About the Power of Earth Ponies
    • The Fate of FiM Completely Relies on the Movie
    • Does Rainbow Dash Really Love the Wonderbolts?
    • Pinkie Pie and Chaos Magic

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    Spike is More Beloved Than The Mane 6
    By: Wyvern Rhadamanthys The 3rd Judge

    The term “Spikeabuse gets thrown out a lot and while Spike has self esteem issues and occasionally gets mistreated for comedic effect, the guy is actually a more beloved figure in universe than the mane 6 other than maybe Twilight since Spike is a race relations hero for Changelings and Dragons that’s revolutionized their cultures as well as being the Crystal Empire’s number 1 hero on top of saving the Equestria games, compare to the mane 6 whose greatest accomplishments have either happened in secret like Nightmare Moon or aren’t known outside of Ponyville, Canterlot and Cloudsdale like The Sonic Rainboom and season finales hence why nobody knows who they are when they go to manehattan and other cities, on top of that the M6 can be considered public nuisances sometimes like Rainbow Dash destroying the weather factory, over-pranking ponyville and destroying her first public Wonderbolt show to the point where I’d be surprised if she didn’t have in-universe haters other than Wind Rider.

    In other words Spike has had public success and private failures while the Mane6 have had private success and public failures to the point where Spike is possibly a beloved hero while the M6 are more like B-List celebrities with tons of embarrassing scandals.

    The Fate of FiM Completely Relies on the Movie
    By: Raffaele

    According to the last three Hasbro's quarter of year reports, while still remaining high, MLP's sales saw a gradual drop in all of them and apparendely have been off during the second quarter of 2017. All this makes me think that the show has lost most of its powers in pulling the sales of the toys (the fact that the ratings of the S7 have been disastrous so far, with lows of 70k didn't help). As we all know, MLP depends COMPLETELY on the sales of the merchandize, so if that goes bad, the show gets cancelled. Normally at this point I would say that because this drop the S8 will be the last, but there is still one thing that could pull the sales up in the meantime: the theatrical Movie of course (the same Brian Goldner, said that). With the show having lost most of its powers (despite the quality of S7 so far) the Movie is the very last hope to pull up the sales of the franchise again and grant the show something more other than the S8. In short, now the future of FiM COMPLETELY depends on how the toys of the Movie will sell.

    Ideas About the Power of Earth Ponies
    By: Suri Polomare is the best pony and has the best plot

    Since Earth Ponies don't extra limbs like horns and wings, they seem to be disadvantaged against other tribes but i don't think they are

    1.Atheleticim/Super Strength

    This is the most common ability of earth kind since the apple and pie family both have incredible strength and nearly every strong pony has been an earth pony.

    2.Ingenuity and Technology

    Both Applejack and Pinkie Pie have shown an affinity for technology and keen almost physhic ingenuity, i wouldin't be surprised if equestria's greatest inventors were all earth ponies

    3.Farming and Plant growth

    Earth ponies have always been natural farmers and The founders of equstria play showed that earth ponies can make plants grow out of dirt by simply holding it in their hooves.


    Earth-Kin are by far the most common type and are so widespread that they clearly have the highest fertility of any tribe.(either that or the animators are lazy, but clearly Suri Polomare proves earth kin are the most attractive)

    Overall earth ponies are very much the 'Human' class of the pony pantheon and while they dont have obvious powers lke unicorn and pegasi, they are the most versatile and have the highest stats.

    Does Rainbow Dash Really Love the Wonderbolts?
    By: Frames

    It’s supposedly Rainbow Dash’s dream to join the Wonderbolts, but are they really important to her? Not only did she have to complete an enrollment exam to learn anything about their history, but in the Friendship is Magic series opener the offer of the Shadowbolts is equally valid to her because they were cool which makes one wonder just how important the Wonderbolts are to her specifically, combine that with her devotion to Daring Do which also stems from ‘cool factor’ makes Dash’s belief in the Wonderbolts even more questionable given her easy worship if cool things. If not for being around her whole life then I think Dash would probably join any military group she that piqued her interests, she’d probably become a Saint of Athena if offered the chance so unless there is more to her desire to join them then just being around her whole life then I think The Wonderbolts and Dash’s desire to join them is more shallow than previously thought.

    Pinkie Pie and Chaos Magic
    By: AspieFluttershy

    Pinkie Pie has chaos magic.
    She has the same reality-bending, fourth-wall-breaking, uncanny pop culture knowledge powers as Discord. She also isn't fazed by Discord's chaotic world. She's definitely an unusual and unusually powerful pony. Only Cheese Sandwich shares her abilities, and possibly Party Favor as well. I think there's a race of ponies out there with chaos magic, or maybe it's a genetic mutation like those humans who don't feel pain or who are insanely double jointed. I don't think ponies with chaos magic have as much power as Discord, but enough to be hyper-aware of their surroundings and able to manipulate the reality around them in subtle ways.

    An interesting thing to note is that all three party ponies in the show share a theme of isolation. Loneliness is Pinkie Pie's worst fear, Cheese Sandwich prefers to be a lone traveler, and there has to be a reason Party Favor left his home and gave up his cutie mark. Maybe chaos magic is stigmatized in Equestrian society, or it was at one point but things are just now starting to turn around. Maybe Discord's reformation has something to do with it.