• Bonus Music #73

    I love these frosty looking ponies. With built in socks too!

    Get some music below, though lacking in built in socks.

    [1] Source

    Seventh Element - Stomp (1988 VIP) by Seventh Element

    Instrumental - Acid House

    [2] Source

    Saintz x NeoN - Eventide by Saintz

    Instrumental - Deep House

    [3] Source

    ♫ "Come and Join the Christmas Party" [Original MLP Song] by Michael Picher

    Vocal - Orchestral Pop

    [4] Source

    TPressleyJ - Equis [Future Bass] by TPressleyJ

    Instrumental - Future Bass

    [5] Source

    Valley of Deadtrees by Versal Rapper

    Vocal - Hip Hop/Rap

    [6] Source

    Viricide Filly - Fateway Arch (House) by ViricideFilly

    Instrumental - Experimental House

    [7] Source

    (Jazz Piano) Good Morning Ponyville by LuRhythmic _

    Instrumental - Jazz Piano

    [8] Source

    BassPon3 - Forever [Vs Luke Bagshaw] [Extended Mix] by BassPon3 Official

    Vocal - Hands Up

    [9] Source

    Realm of Sleep - JOSHH by JOSHH Music

    Instrumental - Chill Trap

    [10] Source

    [Remix] Best Friends Until The End of Time by Direct Current

    Vocal - Electronic

    [11] Source

    Virus Ponies - it's just me... by Virus Ponies

    Instrumental - Trap

    [12] Source

    F 109 - Cooling World [IllBient] by f 109

    Instrumental - Ambient