• Twilight Day on August 6th!

    With the ATG here and others things going on in my life I almost forgot Twilight Day was coming up and even sooner than I thought! Checking on the date for Friendship Day it appears to be on August 6th and not the 7th like our calendar says.

    So you know what that means my friends: it's that time of year again to celebrate the Princess of Friendship herself, our dear Twilight Sparkle. If she never left Canterlot we wouldn't be on this wild ride.

    As with all of these events that means we need your help so send in any Twilight related material to submit@equestriadaily.com with the subject header reading Twilight Day followed by whatever it is you're sending in.

    Example: Twilight Day - Comic

    We look forward to seeing all of the comics, music, animations, stories and more that you all send our way!

    Twitter: Calpain
    (Twilight is best pony)