• Toynk Reveals SDCC 2017 MLP The Movie Exclusive Pin!

    There's a new player in MLP Licensed Merchandise for SDCC this year. Normally I would be ecstatic to see more exhibitors having exclusives for MLP. For one thing it would make our annual SDCC Mega Post as filled out as it was in years past. For another, it keeps me grinning from ear to ear as the nerds of SDCC at bombarded with colorful equines everywhere they turn.

    However… when I said I wanted more MLP SDCC Exclusives I was not expecting to see the exact same enamel pin for Songbird Serenade from IDW Publishing to show up from another exhibitor. Something happened somewhere along the line so that two different companies are offering the same exclusive item at the exact same convention. I don't even want to think about how that happened.

    Be sure to check out the condensed product listing after the break.

    Special thanks to everyone who sent it in!

    My Little Pony SIA Pin
    Company: Toynk
    Booth #: 4437 & 815
    Price: $8.00
    Limited to 1000 pieces.