• Lyra and Bonbon Day - Open Art Submissions!

    That's some skill for drawing it all in MS paint! I wonder if they use a mouse too?

    Following the tradition of opening the doors to all artists on pony themed days, here is your open art compilation! Artists from across the fandom have added their pairings and solos of these two specifically for the day.

    Head on down below the break for all of it!

    [0] Source

    Lyra and Bon Bon in MS-Paint by sallycars

    [1] Source

    Best Friends by ptitemouette

    [2] Source

    A Pony Drawing A Pony by DelphinusW

    [3] Source

    Lovely Candywrapping by LupiArts

    [4] Source

    Love is Love by pikabloom121

    [5] Source

    Best Buds = Best Hugs! by PoneBooth

    [6] Source

    Lyra and Bon Bon - Summertime Caketime by bakumaru01

    [7] Source

    Lyra And Bon Bon Show by Mara-Jeyd

    [8] Source

    Cody Heartstrings vs Guy Bon - Final Fight imports by DON2602

    [9] Source

    Alien Bonbon by AceWissle

    [10] Source

    Joyful Lyra by AceWissle

    [11] Source

    Lyrabon Catdog by AceWissle

    [12] Source

    LyraBon and their personal day by DataPony

    [13] Source

    Sudden Selfie by VeryComicRelief

    [14] Source

    Of Lyres and Sweets (and a little of pi) by BlazieLight

    [15] Source

    Mlp Tarot, The Hanged Mare, Bon Bon and Lyra by 42ndchaos

    [16] Source

    Lyra and Bon Bon having a pleasant time (Updated) by StarlytheGreat

    [17] Source

    Lyrabon under the sea by CloudyGlow

    [18] Source

    AskBlankBon - ''Bon-Fire'' by UltraTheHedgetoaster

    [19] Source

    For Your Eyes P only by YewDee

    [20] Source

    by toonyloo

    [21] Source

    My Favorite Gay Horses by ambergerr

    [22] Source

    Dear to Me - Lyra and Bon Bon Day - 2017 by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

    [23] Source

    by 3pwnys

    [24] Source

    Nothin' Sweeter Than A Smooch From Your Sweetie by TexasUberAlles

    [25] Source

    Activation by Ethaes

    [26] Source

    Lyra Bon Bon in MS-Paint by sallycars

    [28] Source

    I don't think it works on me, Lyra by Expression2

    [29] Source

    Chalk Lyra and Bonbon by Malte279

    [30] Source

    Lyra and Bonbon wagon by Malte279

    [31] Source

    Sleep well my little one - Lyra BonBon Day by TokoKami

    [32] Source

    The most beautiful - Lyra BonBon Day by TokoKami

    [33] Source - Ryan

    [34] Source - Daniel

    [35] Source

    [36] Source - Lily Dawn