• Hasbro Opens a Portal to Equestrian Wish Fullfilment with Hallmark Personalized Self-Insert Books

    My Little Pony™ Personalized BookMy Little Pony™ Personalized Book

    Unleash the wish fulfillment, cause it's about to hit critical~

    Customized books are available at Hallmark, and this newest lineup has the reader magicked up and sent straight to ponyland via a magical mirror. I swear I have read this fanfic a million times, probably because they are always the most popular. You get to pick your OC pony and human accessories to really make it you.

    And once again, they've added both boy and girl versions.

    The exact description and info on it can be found below!

    Hallmark Personalized Book

    Take story time to a whole new level with a Hallmark personalized book. With this customized My Little Pony book, an ordinary day turns extraordinary when a magical mirror transports your child to Equestria, the home of My Little Pony, where your child becomes a pony, too! Rainbow Dash has a cold, and the ponies need help to make sure she’s better for the Equestria Parade. With a little know-how, a little magic, and a little help from Rarity, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie, and all the pony friends, your child helps Rainbow Dash get better quick—because friendship is the best medicine! Learn more about

    • Create a character that looks just like your child by selecting gender, eye color, skin tone, hair color and hairstyle—then add a name to create a story that’s all about him or her.
    • Choose a pony color, too!
    • Add your name to the dedication page, so they never forget who it's from.
    • Available for boys or girls.
    • Hardcover; 20 pages.
    • 8.75" W x 11.25" H

    Thanks to Jeffrey for sending it.