• Discussion: What Do You Want to See Revealed at SDCC/HASCon?

    While the season may be on hold, that doesn't mean the news is about to end. We are heading into the next wave of major news releases with HASCon and SDCC in the later summer months. Obviously there will be plenty of movie news, but we still don't have much information on the second of the season or other projects Hasbro is working on.

    So, good fandom with all it's good ideas, what would be your dream reveal going forward? Is it as simple as another movie trailer? A new EG movie? Or are you in the camp looking for a side series dedicated to a bat-bitten Trixie traveling Equestria with her Starlight Glimmer thrall in a Halloween Town-esque adventure with all sorts of night-crawling denizens of ponyland?

    One can dream... Discuss below!