• Derp Fest Announces Panel and Workshop Applications, Vendor Reg and Photo Contest

    Derpy has been really working hard for the upcoming Derp Fest and as such the convention has some news for those looking to apply for vending, panels and workshops. They also have details for a photo contest available!

    Get everything after the break.

    Panel and Workshop applications, Vendor registration and a Photo Contest
    Hello again. It has been a pretty busy month but we are finally ready to share some good news with you! Curious? Here you go:

    Event applications
    If you want to participate in a convention and have a great idea on how to spice up the Derp Fest program, now’s your chance, as we finally open various event applications. There are two types of events to choose from: a workshop and an activity zone.

    If your want to show your skills and to teach people something new, a workshop may be the most suitable option. Being able to get advice and guidance from a more experienced person can be very beneficial when learning something practical. You may even be able to inspire people to take up a new hobby or help improve their skills. We will also gladly help you with equipment or materials if you need them.

    Activity Zones
    Panels and workshops do not really need a lengthy explanation since everybody knows what they are but an Activity Zone concept does require some. Simply put, an Activity Zone is the least restricted event format you can think of. There are no restrictions on what you can and cannot do there and all ideas ranging from a video game demo zone to a ball pit are welcome! We will provide you with a designated area of negotiable size in one of the event halls, some equipment, if necessary, and help in setting things up.

    Vendor registration
    It is said that great science is built on the shoulders of giants. And just as science relies on concepts of the past, conventions rely on their vendors to provide the best merchandise for their attendees. The same is true for Derp Fest, and we are happy to announce thatvendor registration is finally open!

    The vendor table fee is 5000rub (~€75). It includes a table and two vendor passes that also act as full-weekend tickets - no need to buy convention tickets.

    A little bit about tickets
    You may remember Brony Fair getting cancelled this year. If you were one of its ticket holders, you can get 10% on any kind of tickets that might save you up to €30 on a ticket depending on its tier.

    Another good piece of news concerning tickets is that now even those who want to support us but cannot attend the convention for some reason can buy a remote ticket that includes merchandise from sponsor tickets. We are going to ship them worldwide right after convention.

    Photo contest
    If you are as excited about going to Derp Fest as we are about hosting it, prepare your cameras and selfie sticks. All you have to do is take a picture of how you are getting ready for Derp Fest and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hash tag #goingtoDerpFest. The most creative photographers will get Derp Fest coffee mugs. If you manage to take a picture with a convention ticket (with blurred QR-code), you are eligible to win a limited edition Derpy figurine as well!

    Hope to see you at Derp Fest on November 4th-5th! If you have any questions regarding the convention, feel free to get in touch with us:

    Twitter: Calpain