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    Headlines for the week:

    • Is Spike Taken For Granted?
    • The Disability Duality of Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash
    • Predicting The Pony Movie's Box Office Success
    • Pondering Pinkie Pie's Pony Princess Potential
    • Why I Ship BraeDash

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    Is Spike Taken For Granted?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    “A Flurry of Emotions” made me see that he kind of is. For as long as Twilight has been friends with him, she doesn’t listen to what he has to say, when he speaks up. In “Hard to Say Anything”, the CMC mock and ridicule Spike behind his back. So do the rest of the Mane 6 in “Spike’s Journey”, but in front of his face. Seems no one sees that Spike has been the voice of reason and still loyal, hardworking, and patient in spite of all the dissing and buttmonkey treatment from his friends. He’s always there to clean up the books or others’ messes in the background, without blowing up or even complaining, while others are off learning lessons or saving the world, leaving him with the short end of the stick. He’s an unappreciated hero; taken for granted while he dreams of being something more. It would be nice if we got an episode where the ponies gave him a Spike Appreciation Day.

    The Disability Duality of Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash
    By: Circe Sells Circular Seashells Down by The Seashore for 66 Cents

    We know that Scootaloo is a disability stand in but what’s overlooked is that while Scootaloo is physically disabled, she is mentally/artistically gifted while Rainbow Dash is physically gifted and mentally disabled since we’ve known Dash has some kind of undiagnosed mental disorder since Testing, Testing, 1,2,3.

    For Scootaloo, her inability to fly is intended to be a disability but Scootaloo make up for it by being very skilled and mentally gifted, she’s a musical maestro, masterful mechanic, and the head of the Rainbow Dash Fan Club at her age. I also think the inconsistent arts and crafts skills of the CMC can be explained by the individual skills of the crusaders with Scootaloo being the highest as she is able build large and complex projects by herself although Scootaloo's passion makes her an anxious and sometimes acts before thinking as she is still a kid and subject to the same pratfalls as the other CMC, but is still clearly gifted in areas besides flying.

    Dash on the other hand is extremely gifted physically being the fastest flyer, strong enough to kick through trees, lift boulders much heavier than herself, has a high metabolism and is overall the greatest athlete in equestria but where she falters is as a semi-confirmed mentally disabled pony due to her undiagnosed mental disorder that causes her to learn differently as well as having a low IQ. She’s a Flight School dropout and many episodes show that she isn’t very educated as she can’t tell a tortoise from a baby dragon and generally can’t think her way through problems.

    However these disabilities don’t hold Dash and Scoots back as they’ve both achieved their dreams with the power of friendship and this duality means they complete each other without even being blood related.

    Predicting The Pony Movie's Box Office Success
    By: Felix

    Don't deny you're thinking about the movie's box office success. Who cares about awesome trailers, tons of merch, and new characters when you have BOX OFFICE ANALYSIS? All jokes aside, this is pretty important, as 1) It might decide how much longer Hasbro wants to continue the pony gravy train, and 2) we might get a sequel if it's big enough. So...why not have some fun to kill the time?

    Okay, so here's what we know. The movie will have a wide release, supposedly, and on the same weekend it opens, Blade Runner 2049 and The Mountain Between Us also come out, both adult dramas that shouldn't pull that much business away from the movie. However, it might have to deal with Ninjago coming out just two weeks earlier. However, as we've seen with Cars 3 and Despicable Me 3 this summer, sometimes it doesn't hurt a movie's chances that badly. It will help that the pony movie looks to be the last animated movie to come out until November.

    Given these circumstances, and the fact that the brony fanbase is, well, the brony fanbase, a millions-strong fandom, I'm gonna go with...well, this is a guestimate. It's really going to depend on the marketing with this one. However, Hasbro looks like it's going to promote the movie like crazy, so I feel confident about a box office opening weekend of $30 to $40 million in the United States. I could see it reaching $60 million if it gets a strong Rotten Tomatoes score of 80% or above, but $20 million really does sound like the lowest it could hit. A lot of things could change its odds of success, like if Ninjago ends up being a bomb/huge business sucking success, but as of right now, that's what I'm leaning on. Either way, there's one thing for sure: It's probably going to make WAY more than the original 80s movie.

    Orrrrr you can all mock me if I turn out to be wrong.

    Pondering Pinkie Pie's Pony Princess Potential
    By: Ekevoo

    Sometimes I see people making the point that the Princess of Friendship should be Pinkie rather than Twilight. While Pinkie ostensibly has more friends and an easier time keeping up with her, and that does count a lot, the fact that Pinkie is obviously such a natural makes her a bad inspiration on that regard. Twilight, as someone who started somewhere and improved herself a lot as a friend, and visibly so, is a better inspiration on that regard. That holds true in the Watsonian sense: as an alicorn princess she’s an inspiration to all ponies; and in the Doylist sense as well: it’s a show for little girls, and aims (among many other things) to inspire them to be better friends.

    In that mindset, what kind of princess should Pinkie be? Well, I like “optimism” myself, and “empathy” is a pretty good candidate as well, even though she’s often poor at communication. “Party” seems silly to me, but it would obviously suit her fine. What do you think?

    Why I Ship BraeDash
    By: Rohan Kishibe

    Out of Rainbow Dash's Entire Navy worth of Ships BraeDash appeals to me the most, for the following reasons:

    First, It would be fitting to have the ponies that everyone thinks are gay and lesbian have a straight relationship with each other, there could even be an episode about not believing stereotypes and putting people into boxes.

    Second, A long distance relationship that wouldn’t dominate either character’s lives is the only one that main characters can have as proven with Big Mac and Sugar Belle.

    Third, Rainbow needs to be with some outside of work and her friend circle but still easy to get to

    Fourth, Brae's simple country life would be good for Dash and help her get down to earth

    Fifth: They fall asleep equally easily and therefore would not leave each other accidentally snuggle each other all the time and not fall asleep on each other.

    And finally their kid would be a Zap Apple.

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