• CanterlotKC Promo Videoa nd PAtreon

    The team over at CanterlotKC has released a presser and video about their upcoming event. If you live in Kansas or are nearby, head on down below the break for infos on attending.


    Hey ponies!

    We're working to make CanterlotKC the best it can be,  but we need your help to get there! We now have a Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/CanterlotKC) where you can donate in exchange for awesome merch! Rewards go from buttons all the way up to a White Dove plush! Our Mascot FlairPost has details in the included video! (And if we make our goal, we can announce our big guest!)

    We're also expanding to include lots of furry-related content as well, so stay tuned!