• Bonus Music #66

    Flitter listens to hardcore gangster rap. Are you as cool as her?

    [1] Source

    ertrii - What Else Can You Say by ertrii

    Instrumental - Deep House

    [2] Source

    CrystalData - Beyond the Lunar Eclipse [Version 2] by CrystalData

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [3] Source

    Skelter - Revenge by Skelter

    Instrumental - Trap

    [4] Source

    Nicolas Dominique - Carnival by Nicolas Dominique

    Instrumental - Chillout

    [5] Source

    Happy Bug Noises remix by Light Assassin

    Instrumental - Complextro

    [6] Source

    Discord Vs Lord Tirek - Epic Rap Battles of MLP! by BronyBurningAxe

    Vocal - Rap Battle

    [7] Source

    Tomorrow Morning - Original MLP Song by Ice Gaze

    Vocal - Pop

    [8] Source

    Virus Ponies - Deadly Radiation by Virus Ponies

    Instrumental - Hybrid Trap

    [9] Source

    PJBrony ft. Da Mane - Down Here on a Farm by Equestrian Rap Party

    Vocal - Rap

    [10] Source

    MLP:FiM The Halls Of Canterlot by LoneBronyProductions

    Instrumental - Orchestral