• The Pony Comic Generator - Share Yours in the Comments!

    Over the years I've noticed that quite a few of you that visit EqD really love some comics. Heck, comics are one of my favorite posts to make so I can see the allure. Well, today I've got something fun for you pony comic fans out there: The Pony Comic Generator!

    Created by GingerFoxy you can create a randomized 3 panel comic with hilarious, strange or at least interesting results starring none other than Pinkie and Rarity.

    Click the link below to visit and give it a spin! While you're at it, share your funniest creation in the comments here on EqD and the artist's page, of course.

    For mobile make sure to run in a browser that can run SWF files or download it from the DeviantArt page and run it in a SWF player.

    The Pony Comic Generator

    Twitter: Calpain