• Ponyville Ciderfest Welcomes Andrew Francis and Britt McKillip to Oktoberfest!

    The Ponyville Ciderfest Oktoberfest event just got a bit more exciting as they happily announce the attendance of both Andrew Francis and Britt McKillip!

    Get the full details after the break!

    Oktoberfest just got doubly royal thanks to Andrew Francis and Britt McKillip!

    Art by Salterino

    We know you love to come to Ponyville Ciderfest every year. We know you love seeing the Guests of Honor, dancing along with the beautiful cadences of our musical guests, and experiencing unique panels shining with fun and knowledge. We also know you love to see all your friends and celebrate the magic of friendship.
    Finally, we know that you’ll love getting two guest announcements for the price of one! We are proud to announce Britt McKillip and Andrew Francis as our next Guests of Honor for Ponyville Oktoberfest!
    Andrew Francis and Britt McKillip are best known to MLP:FiM fans as the voices of the royal couple, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance. Outside of My Little Pony, McKillip is one half of the country music duo, One More Girl, with her sister Carly McKillip. Britt’s other acting roles include being the voice of Cloe in the Bratz series and Sabrina Spellman in Sabrina: Friends Forever. Andrew Francis has been in numerous acting roles in animation and live action, including Johnny Test, Powerpuff Girls Z, and the movie “Agent Cody Banks.”
    Britt and Andrew will be making their first appearance at Ponyville Oktoberfest this October, joining the rest of the Guests of Honor we have announced so far. In addition, Oktoberfest will mark the first time the entire Crystal Empire royal family will be together at a convention. They’ll join the previously announced Tabitha St. Germain, who voices Flurry Heart, and to celebrate, we’re running a special offer on badges until the end of the month!

    All badges and sponsorships are 10% through Friday, June 30th!

    This sale is in addition to the already low, low price of the Early Bird weekend badge special, which also ends on Friday.  This week is the cheapest you’ll be able to get badges to come to this year’s Ponyville Oktoberfest!
    Want to see us outside of the pony fandom too?  You can catch us at Anime Midwest in Chicago on July 7-9!  Stop on by and see us, and you might walk away with some free stuff!

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