• Ponyville Ciderfest Announces First Guest - Nicole Oliver!

    Even the Sun herself needs some cider to relax from time to time. That's right, Nicole Oliver, Princess Celestia herself, will be attending this year's convention in October!

    Get the full breakdown after the break.

    Get excited for Nicole Oliver’s first time at Ciderfest!

    Art by Sciggles

    We’re very excited here at Ponyville Oktoberfest to announce Nicole Oliver as our first Guest of Honor! Nicole voices a variety of beloved characters on the show — whether it’s a strong leader, a kind and caring educator, or someone to just chill and relax with — and we’re happy to be starting off with such an exciting guest!
    Nicole is best known as the voice of the benevolent ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia.  She also voices everyone’s favorite teacher, Cheerilee; the most gnarly friend to all, Tree Hugger; and a plethora of background characters.  In addition to her work on MLP:FiM, Oliver was the voice of the stylish singing Zoe Trent on “Littlest Pet Shop,” as well as numerous other animation, anime, live action, and video game roles.
    If you would like to join Nicole Oliver and all your friends at Ponyville Oktoberfest this October, badges are now available!  Our Early Bird deal of $40 for a full-weekend badge ends on June 30th, and we still have several sponsor badges available, so register today!
    In addition, applications for those who want to help entertain Oktoberfest through being a community guestpanelist, or musician are still open, as well as openings on our volunteer staff! Apply today! But that's not all...

    Join the con organizers and other local bronies in a "research" meetup / field trip / excuse to hang out and have fun at Milwaukee German Fest!

    Can't wait until October to get your Ciderfest on? Want to hang out with the organizers of the con and help us get ideas? Just want to take part in some good German Fest fun? Come hang out with us in Milwaukee on Saturday, July 29thJoin the Facebook Event and find out more at theMilwaukee German Fest website!
    Con organizers will be there most of the day, so come whenever you can. We'll post our location and movements throughout the day.
    Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the gate and can be purchased from the German Fest website. Active Military personnel get in free!  

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