• MLP Movie Confirmed to be 99 Minutes Long, Possible New Movie Pictures Revealed

    Yet some more news about the movie! Some of you have been asking how long it is going to be in the comments and now we have an answer. According to a Lionsgate fact sheet it will be 99 minutes long, about the standard for animated features.

    There's also quite a few images on the site as well that I don't think we've seen yet in the trailer or elsewhere, but I could be wrong so I'll be including what looks new just in case.

    Looks like they were in the trailer except for two though there seems to be a little debate whether they are new or not! With so much packed in there it's hard to remember everything. Still, get the link to the image source after the break along with the one new pic we have! Thanks to everyone for helping clarify what was new or not in the comments.

    Thanks to PaganMuffin for sending it in! Get all the info after the break.

    Lionsgate Fact Sheet
    Image Source

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