• MLP Game Gets Another Update - Cutie Mark Crusader Edition

    A new update has released for the My Little Pony Gameloft game.  This one adds 24 new characters, a new Cutie Mark Crusaders based event, new decor, and buildings. It's available now for both android and iOS.

    Head on down below for the official notes.

    It's time to team up with the Cutie Mark Crusaders in a new limited-time Mega Event! Team up with this trio of cutie mark seekers to help ponies as they seek their own Equestria destinies.
    ***WHAT'S NEW***
    NEW MEGA EVENT: Accomplish a series of Pony Tasks based on the episode "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" from the My Little Pony show and earn amazing rewards!
    24 NEW CHARACTERS: Give a warm welcome to Rainbow Dash's #1 fans: her mom and dad. You can also meet many new schoolponies and other friends!
    NEW BUILDINGS: Add the cutest Pet Shop, Perfume Shop, Art Supply Shop, Candy Machine and more to your town!
    NEW DÉCOR: Beautify your Equestria with the Schoolponies' Castle, Topiary, Rainbow, cool Go-Karts and other decorations!

    Thanks to Nicholas for the heads up.