• MLP Coloring Books Enter Augmented Reality with DEVAR

    The single biggest surprise at BookCon 2017 was the Augmented Reality Coloring Book from DEVAR Books! It was quite literally one of the first booths you saw when you walked into the Exhibit Hall.

    So, first question I had is "What is an augmented reality coloring book?" To put simply it is a coloring book, which when you use DEVAR's will create a 3D model of the coloring page, using the colors you colored on the book. It is really that simple.

    After the break, you'll be able to find the photos I took of the coloring MLP books currently offered by DEVAR, and the augmented reality in action on a couple of uncolored pages.

    And if anyone happens to know to get your hands on these coloring books, please let us know. I've been having a dreadful time trying to find them, and DEVAR's website—which what videos of their products in action—hasn't told me how to buy them either.

    Have fun everyone!