• Guardians of Harmony Stratus Skyranger Stock Images Appear

    Stratus Skyranger Mlp movie stock image merchandise

     Stratus Skyranger is one of characters being revealed in the movie and first announced back during Toy Fair, and now we have a stock image and description for his upcoming toy release.

     Get the details on him below and another image!

    Stratus Skyranger Mlp movie stock image merchandise

    Stratus Skyranger secures the skies with legendary Hippogriff power! A great guard to the hippogriffs and ponies, this My Little Pony the Movie-inspired Stratus Skyranger Hippogriff Guard figure stands 8-inches tall with majestic wings on his back. Squeeze his tail to activate his flapping wings. This Stratus Skyranger figure has glowing eyes and makes zooming sounds for imagining him fast in flight above the clouds! His claw has grip action so that he can lend a helping hoof to his pony friends in need.

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    Thanks to Sendai for the heads up!