• Electronic Music: Viricide Filly - Back From Reality [Album] / Ataraxia - Lightheaded (feat. Ink Sparks) [Electro Pop]

    Some pretty cool stuff here from Viricide and Ataraxia! First up is Viricide Filly's new album, Back From Reality, which you can find on Bandcamp here. It's full of really cool tunes in genres like house, UK garage and breakbeat, all threaded together into a story conveyed both through the instrumentation and through consistent use of synthesised vocals and awesome vocal chopping. Ataraxia's tune is another new one from his recently released album Motion Reimagined, and Ink Sparks' vocals take centre stage throughout, supported excellently by a pared back instrumental and some background vocal hits. Check out both Ataraxia's track and Viricide's full album stream below!