• Community Soapbox #37 - Flurry Heart Theory, Mary Suelight Glimmer, Reviewers, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    Is Trixie Actually Powerful?
    Flurry Heart Theory
    Reviewing the Reviewers
    Did S6 Overcorrect Dash’s responsibility?
    MLP Fan Base Misconceptions: Starlight is a Mary Sue

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    Flurry Heart Theory
    By: Shayma98

    Flurry Heart is and isn't an alicorn. How? It comes down to genes.
    To start with, let's divide the alicorns into three groups: natural, earned, and hybrid. Celestia and Luna are natural alicorns (until the show and/or comics prove otherwise), Cadance and Twilight are earned alicorns, and Flurry is a hybrid alicorn, meaning she is really a unicorn/pegasus hybrid, the unicorn coming from her dad and the pegasus coming from her mom.
    But wait, isn't Cadance an alicorn? Yes, but not genetically. This has to do with the way magic works. This is only a personal theory based on observations from the show, but I believe every type of pony has magic. This is where the cutie mark comes from, as we saw in Twilight's Kingdom. It also allows the pegasi to fly (those wings are too small to get off the ground). The wings, like a unicorn's horn, are just another conduit for magic. My theory is that Cadance's horn is seen as a second pair of wings by her genes. Therefore, she is still genetically a Pegasus. This is how Flurry got her pegasus genes and what helped her become a hybrid alicorn.

    Reviewing the Reviewers
    By: Dan

    After watching episodes 9 and 10 of s7 i can say that i enjoyed both almost as much. While i agree episode 10 was a lot more fun for already famous reasons i am still of the opinion that many critics are wrong about how bad episode 9 was or if it was bad in the first place. And i also noticed that no matter how good an episode is, critics will always find something flawed about it. Is that really a good thing? While i understand that pointing out flaws is something you "have" to do as reviewers i think it became some sort of habit to the point where you must pick anything in each episode and stamp it as a flaw. Many of the things that you call flaws are either not flaws for other ppl or not flaws at all. While i agree that sometimes you raise good points, i think that most of the time ppl who simply want to enjoy the show should not listen to you. And that is definitely true for the writers of the show. Their ideas of the episodes were never bad. They were simply not exactly how you would want them to be. Many flaws that critics see are often essential for the episodes original ideas so i really don't want them to go away. At the same time i don't want critics to stop doing reviews. Those have their audience too. I will conclude by saying this: most kids are not critics. They enjoy the things that you don't like more than you think.

    Did S6 Overcorrect Dash’s responsibility?
    By: Frames

    Rainbow Dash’s S6 performance was very controversial since it featured a lot suffering for her and I can’t help but feel this suffering stems from The need to torture narcissistic characters and overcorrecting the factory explosion from Tanks for the Memories. The DHX does listen and respond to criticism of the show and often reflect that in the series (MarbleMac would be a thing if not for complaints of incest), So i don’t think Dash’s S6 suffering coming from this is out of the question. Said consequence related suffering’ amounts to..

    • Cart before the Ponies, she screws up like Rarity and AJ(which is still more the track’s fault than anypony), but then she’s extra berated for cheering... from a distance, even though Bulk Bicep is next to the tracks...
    • Controversially Newbie Dash was centered around several painful failures like destroying her first show and having to clean up the mess by herself with a month of probation.
    • More controversially 28 Pranks later was much like MMDW, many like to bring up Newbie Dash as the S5E7 “correction” but this episode is explicitly about Dash getting comeuppance for her (controversially) reckless behavior.
    • Top Bolt mention’s that Spitfire berates Dash often and her senior officers look at her with visible contempt.
    • Applejack berates her for a (dumb) joke in a Starlight episode.(I'm sorry, i forget which one.)

    I do believe in responsibility and repercussions for one’s actions but if even just 28 Pranks’ stems from Tank's reception then that's a huge over-correction. Plus it gave fuel to Heavy Henry's tomboy taming nonsense so it must be burned.

    With the factory situation, Lord Blue summarized my feelings.
    ”The factory wasn't completely destroyed. It was just overloaded. But RD still tried to sabotage it out of self-interest. And since it caused the opposite of what she wanted, she already was punished for it.”

    Is Trixie Actually Powerful?
    By: Heather Kramer

    The fact that Trixie has always been a loudmouth who actually is very poor with magic is well established. Trixie herself emphasized this fact in No Second Prances. Trixie has for most of her existence in show been personally capable of little more than basic levitation that is common to all unicorns.

    So it is rather eye opening in All Bottled Up to see her pick up on more advanced magic as quickly as she did with little tutelage from Starlight Glimmer. Not only did she quickly learn these spells but she was able to cast them quickly with no visible strain at all. She quickly did multiple transfiguration spells including one that produced a living thing without breaking a sweat or pausing. She is only the fourth unicorn in series we have seen do a teleportation spell and she did that within moments of having it explained to her. All of these indicate that Trixie though unskilled may in fact be a unicorn of considerable power in the same level as Twilight, Starlight, and Sunset.

    MLP Fan Base Misconceptions: Starlight is a Mary Sue
    By: Benjamin

    People dislike Starlight Glimmer for many reasons, however some of he critism against Starlight utilizes poor and very fragile reasoning that is easily debunk able. One of the many arguments used against is that that's she's a Mary Sue. For the sake of fairness, here's the common definition of a Mary Sue

    the "Mary Sue" is judged as a poorly developed character, too PERFECT and lacking in REALISM TO BE INTRESTING.

    The highlighted portion is what I'll focus on to debunk. Now what many people will highlight about what makes her a Mary Sue is that she's overpowered, and thus following the idea that she isn't realistic. However she isn't. The fact she can change others cutie marks, hmm sounds familiar (Season 3 Finale). time travel Twilight did it as well. Oh but because she did it to two apparent gods Celesta and Luna that means she's overpowered, give me a break. Neither are gods and the series has never confirmed this nor hinted at it. So the next time you hear someone call Starlight a Mary Sue, politely remind them that she isn't.