• Community Soapbox #34 - Old Vs. New Fandom, Moony, and More

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    • Cutie Mark Oddities in Royal Problem
    • Our Fandom: Then vs. Now
    • Why Gender Roles Matter
    • Defending the Factory Destruction
    • MlP Fan Base Misconception: Facts vs Opinions

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    Cutie Mark Oddities in Royal Problem
    By: Sorority 

    In one of the most recent episodes, Royal Problems, Starlight Glimmer switched Celestia and Luna's cutie marks in order to teach them a lesson about walking in each other's horseshoes. However, this episode does mess up a bit of canon that may never be answered again. In this episode, Celestia was given Luna's moon cutie mark, as well as the inky black spot on her flank. However, in Twilight's Kingdom Part 2 when the princesses give Twilight their powers which also removes their cutie mark, only the moon disappears and the ink spot on Luna stays, implying that it's just another part of her coat.

    This upset a lot of people, who thought the ink spot was part of her cutie mark. But now that this episode has aired, who can know what is the extent of her cutie mark? Ostensibly, Celestia was given the ink spot because the animators could not apply a white moon to Celestia's white flank. However, this still throws Luna's canon into question, and I really doubt another episode will answer the puzzle.

    Our Fandom: Then vs. Now
    By: Critical Thought

    I've been a brony since 2011 so I've been through it all. The golden age, the Princess Twilight scandal, the big hiatus, all 4 Equestria Girls...you name it, I've probably experienced it. However, I can't help but feel like despite the fandom's continued growth, the brony of 2017 is a very different one to that of 2012. On the surface, everything seems the same as it's always been, but I personally feel like the fandom has shifted. What was once an extremely passionate fanbase with strong beliefs in unity and togetherness has devolved into just another group of people who watch a show, reserving that spark of friendship almost exclusively for conventions. It's even more baffling how even in America's darkest hour, ponies can't bring us the light they used to. What happened? Was it due to the show more subtly addressing positive values in later seasons? Did the anti-bronies finally bully us into becoming more "normal" and sticking to the status quo? Did the scandals and backstabbing within our community ruin the magic of friendship? I am not sure, but I know the brony of today is very different than the brony of 2012.

    Should Apple Bloom get an Amending Fences Episode?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Tis’ the season of continuity *cue Silver Quill’s entrance* after all. It would be nice to see somepony remind Apple Bloom that she used to be friends with Twist, way back in season 1, but dropped her like a hot potato after Twist got her cutie mark, which was a dick move on AB’s part. Do you guys think this could be a good CMC episode, where the Crusaders don’t have to help a strange new pony, but one of their own rekindle a lost friendship, with a cutie mark problem from the past? (also, perfect opportunity to put Twist with her coltfriend (See “Hearts and Hooves Day” intro), Truffle Shuffle, maybe making him protective of Twist, and cautious of her getting back in close ties with Apple Bloom, after what she did)

    Defending the Factory Destruction
    By: Frames

    I don’t like the flak RD gets for destroying the weather factory in Tanks for The Memories, so here's my take on it.

    First: The factory is made of clouds, I don’t know why people consider clouds to be the same as concrete, the same episode has pinkie carelessly walk through RD’s cloud walls with no problem so rebuilding the factory would take an afternoon at most, the only real loss is some lightning which is probably just farmed out of clouds and easily regained, maybe some personal property damage but the explosion wasn’t very destructive since RD got out unscathed, so any danger is minimal.

    Second: Getting caught, she didn’t, the only ones who know about it are her close friends with no reason to report her, even if caught Rwilight could bail her out.

    Third: Destroying the factory was a good thing because it brought winter early, so assuming equestrian seasons match ours in time then that means Dash saved everypony months of work and all they have to do then is fix a cloud building and regain some natural resources.

    Fourth: She didn’t get away with it because season 6 happened to her.

    MlP Fan Base Misconception: Facts vs Opinions
    By: Benjamin

    Let me ask everyone here, how hard is it to admit when you made a mistake? Some people don't seem to get this concept, even when they've been proven otherwise. Look people have opinions, "I don't like the writing, I don't like a character" are just some examples of this. But peoples opinions can sometimes be disproven or argued due to either simply misinterpreting the media or just plain out just purposely ignoring it. (I've seen people do either). Regardless if evidence is clearly provided and proves your statement false, don't throw a hissy fit over it unless said person was being incredibly rude. Just admit your mistakes and try to strive to improve, no ones going to attack you for doing that.