• Call For Galacon 2017 Cosplay Contest Participants

    Some news for the cosplayers among you.With the con only little over a month away, GalaCon is looking for cosplayers willing to show off their latest costumes at the cosplay contest for the 2017 edition.

    Find the press release below the break!

    Hello, everyone.

    At GalaCon, the cosplay contest is always a very memorable show of its own everyone enjoys, right? And we all would like to see that happen, right? Unfortunately, this year the pre-registration for the contest is pretty meager so far, to be honest. This is why we want to appeal to all cosplayers out there: Make Cosplay Contest great again!

    If interested, please pre-register yourself or your group here with the application form until July 2nd, (23:59 GMT+1): Information and registration for the cosplay contest [Link for above text: https://www.galacon.eu/events-panels/galacon-cosplay-contest/]

    Because, if we won't have enough participants for the contest by that date, we sadly have to consider canceling the cosplay contest. And you don't want that to happen, right? Please help us to make the cosplay contest happening.

    The GalaCon Team