• "A Royal Problem" Episode Followup: 20% More Pancakes

    How's it shaking everypony. We Are Borg here with the "hottest" episode of the season. If you were waiting for the DiscoFam releases. Don't. It's that good. This is an episode that teaches to not eat banana peels, how to spy on your friends, and the newest Equestrian trends in pancakes.

    Join me below for follow-up of "A Royal Problem"...

    As always with me, before we begin I thought I'd lay down the moral lesson you're supposed to pick up on. This episode, however, is a cornucopia of lessons learned, such as 'communication is key with better listening and being honest', and from 'trusting others but also going with your gut and trusting yourself'. There are some complex issues at hand here interlaced with some complex fears. I hope you enjoy.

    Let us begin...

    Oh snap! The Cutie Map knows who Twilight's roommates are. Not surprising considering The Map's first destination for the Mane 6 was Starlight's front door. Really the Map is the Equestrian NSA.

    So the squeaky noises of Twilight's are adorable but Starlight Glimmer's squee sounds like a lamb. Anyway, Twilight is freaking out. Classic Twi. This whole episode, we'll see three ponies act completely in character and a 4th we'll discover a new side of. Those little purple trees on the map don't represent tatzlwurms do they? Nah...

    Really just these great faces are enough to warrant this screencap. Twilight's actually freaking out because she has no idea how she's going to get Starlight her own chair. Twilight is correct by the way, that before the Map has never called just one pony. Alrighty Glimglam, get to Canterlot.

    I think we can all agree that it's canon that when Royal Guard ponies put on their uniforms it changes them to gray unicorns with white manes or white pegasi with blue manes.

    There is definitely something bubbling under the surface in this relationship. Probably because Luna still doesn't have a throne. Judging from that look on Celestia, Luna is a banana's throw away from needing a throne on the Moon.

    I know that face. That's the "I just got my flank ROFLStomped at Battlefield or Overwatch" face. Poor Luna. Her twitch gaming skills aren't what were half a century ago.

    Out of the corner of your eye, you spot her, Shia LaBeouf  Twilight Sparkle...

    This is only the first of many things throughout this episode which are either terrifying or creepy as that guy behind you in the coffee shop staring at you as you read this. Like he's doing it right now. Seriously though, Twilight is the biggest mother hen. It's like she learned nothing from her time meddling with Trixie and Glimglam's friendship. Stop being the NSA meddling and learn to trust your student.

    "NOOOO! Don't eat me!" Interestingly, our story editors Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco also wrote this episode together. Neither's IMDB pages suggest anything that explains why this episode is pullin' into creepy town. Maybe it's the time spent on "Fairly Odd Parents". Who knows. Also, Twilight is SOOO comforting.

     Four things: This creeps me out. Celestia has at least the cooking ability of a 12-year-old. You know Celestia has tried and maybe succeeded in making her own cake. And for a show made in Vancouver, Equestria sure has an aversion to syrup.

    In a second we see Luna come in all pissed and if you look, you'll discover why. Starlight is in her chair. In my household, if you want to show someone that you care, you wake up first and make the coffee, not pancakes...and don't sit in their chair.

    Grumpy Luna has some weird pregnancy cravings. Whoops sorry, that's my wife.

    [Pause while Cynder slaps Borg upside the head]

    Ouch! Anyway, honestly, I guess I've put some weird things in my mouth when I was super tired...

    What did those pancakes do to you, Celestia? I'm really surprised these two sisters have no idea what each other do. I had a roommate once, though, who kept Luna's hours. Took me 3 weeks to notice he had moved out.

    Sure glad Twilight just happened to be nosey and could help with some exposition. If she ever needs to get into the Starswirl the Bearded section again, now she can just possess a scroll.

    "This mare's crazy is contagious!"

    Yeah, whenever I want to make a point I rub somepony's nose in it, like when my dog pees in the house. Can't Luna hire somepony to hang these? Are they understaffed?

    Starlight must be so grateful she's not on one of these windows as a villain the Mane 6 defeated.

    It probably excites me more than it should that the mare in front is a Crystal Pony. Nice to see them out and about in Equestria proper.

    You may not have noticed the first time but this conversation happens in front of a very interesting window. It is the only stained glass in the hall that depicts Celestia and Luna working in harmony against Discord and his chaos and disharmony. A visual metaphor for the fight Starlight has against the Royal Sister's own disharmony.

    "Are you Crazy!?" In which season did Twilight's freak outs help? In a way, Twilight is absolutely correct though. As we learn in the first few minutes of the series, Luna is capable of a terrifying level of jealousy. Though she's not the only one as we'll see later...

    If ponies are adorable and a pony calls something adorable, does that put it on a whole new spectrum of adorableness? Next level. Still no syrup and still sitting in Luna's chair. I wonder how she feels about that.

    Do you like mmmmmmm bananas? Luna, you can't get high from a banana peel. Bananadine was proved as a hoax. I feel you though. After a long day, you just need some hallucinogens. (Equestria Daily does not condone the use of hallucinogens or bananas)

    Starlight is on the fast track to getting placed in a dungeon in the place she's going to get banished to.

    The hilarious Luna faces will last forever! HAHAHAHAHA!

    Oh Starlight, what have you done. You got two immortal god-like creatures angry at each other. Also, ever notice how Luna has six eyelashes?

    Sweet Celestia Glimglam! You turned Celestia into a cow. Now I know that they made sure to include the black part, they needed the contrast. But I'm a little disappointed that the black area of Luna's cutie mark moves too. This conflicts with what is considered her cutie mark in "Twilight's Kingdom" when, after transferring her power to Twilight, only the moon disappears. Anyway, nice knowing you Starlight...

    So Starlight decided to get all Freaky Friday on Best Princess and her sister. Because swapping places with someone is the best way to understand what they do, rather than, you know, talking. I guess Undercover Boss is a show for a reason.

    "What?" Nicole Oliver is killing me by nailing all these emotions. That's the kind of stern stuff-is-about-get-real 'what' that comes from a parent talking to their kids. Scootaloo has never heard this sort of 'what' before. Oops tangent! Anyway, does Glimmy face get the picture...

    Yes, you should stop talking. I love this face btw.

    Oh, Twilight. Is your breathing exercise difficult when your default position is a pirouette? Do you have any words of wisdom for your student?

    Nope. Also, I hate drawers that are fake double drawers and are really one big one. That's lazy furniture making.

    "As you can see Celestia is missing and I assure you I did not chop her up and feed her to cragadiles..." Time to start the day wearing her sister's skin cutie mark.

    HA! A little revenge for getting her into this. "No Starlight. You may walk." Fleur is unimpressed with Luna's creepy smile.

    Looks like a hat store opening. Rarity would be all over those hats. Also, dull scissors are never fun and look at all those Canterlot ponies. Unicorn and hat pony master race.

    Ah, there are some non-unicorns. Wait...just earth ponies...growing things? For a growing things competition. That's racist.

    Two Crystal Ponies. Love seeing these guys get around. But Crystal Ponies are still earth ponies. Only earth Ponies can grow things in a frozen tundra. So this is still racist. Can't unicorns or pegasi grow things? Can't Pegasi wear hats?!

    Look at all the cute blank flanks and that old pony teacher. Sure is nice to be a unicorn and get educated unlike those other types of ponies...

    Ha! look at that ridiculous face...and Luna's! Luna's Resting Banana Face when she's not trying to actively smile. Also, I caught that filly mid movement so that's why she looks like she smashed against a pane of glass.

    If you're unhappy with a fundraiser, wait until you hear about their bond that'll raise your taxes. Also, I bet it's an animation mistake but it's funny that she's holding a copy of the Foal Free Press. It is possible Celestia has a subscription to keep tabs on Ponyville and the ponies in it.

    A lot of head slamming in this episode. I see where Twilight gets her love of lists from, cause Celestia made a big one. How much would Twi love this list?

    Yeah, Twilight would love it this much...

    Alright now, is that Granny Smith with a really weird mane-do? The White Tail Woods are known to be near Ponyville.  It was fun seeing/hearing Luna do the Royal Canterlot Voice. By the way. If Luna and Celestia's castle was the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters in what is now Everfree Forest, and Luna was then banished, why is it when she returns, she uses the Royal "Canterlot" Voice? Feel free to not explain in the comments.

    Our stained glass hallway is missing two windows now. (scroll back up) I don't think anyone would look good after a three-hour meeting. I go crazy after one hour. According to the credits, these two should be the Mayors of Baltimare and Fillydelphia, voiced by Scott Underwood and Tony Alcantar. If you don't know which pony is which, then you've never had a cheesesteak. Also, as the scene transitioned to 3 hours later, you may have missed the sky get darker and the lavender wilting.

    It's interesting seeing such a new side of Celestia. She's always been so reserved and mysterious. Her expressions are all so new and fun. Like her wing hug for herself and the look of extreme smugness.

    "Moon raised. It's even easier than raising the sun!" Well, you did get 1,000 years of practice, didn't you? Do you remember why you got that practice?

    Totes adorbs. Do we have a dope transition to the dream realm?

    Yes, yes we do. Let's check out those some of those dreams up close.

    A lot to process here so here goes. Starting in the Top Left and working our way over, we can say with some certainty that this is Fluttershy's dream as Luna has dominion only over pony dreams after all. We've seen this before when they were helping fight the Tantabus in "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep". A fun reference to the dream world. As I doubt Flurry Heart has that level of imagination at this point, that must be Cadance's dream. She's trying to relive her college days of being single and partying. Next, we have Discord's dream where he is pillow fighting his bud, the Smooze. Pinkie is dreaming the tamest thing imaginable as she surfs Gummy. Must be a nightmare for her.

    On the bottom we have, I can't believe it, Applejack, Granny Smith, or Grand Pear dreaming about AJ's parents holding her as a baby. That's some sad stuff right there. I wonder if Scootaloo has the same dream. Look out for "The Perfect Pear" being released 5/28 on Treehouse and 7/1 on Discovery Family for more AJ parenting fun.

    Next, we have Time Turner likely trying to dodge some statues as they chase him around a hedge maze. Then we have either Flim or Flam, dreaming about being super rich. And finally, we have Derpy being royalty, complete with crown and Twilacane.

    Anyway, let's check on Starlight's dream...

    Sweet Celestia, we have returned to the terrifying nightmare that this episode has been hiding.

    This is what happens when you eat the peel of the banana. Also, does that count as eye horror?

    As much as we've been seeing them, it's easy to forget that this episode isn't just about Celestia and Luna, but Starlight too. She has a real fear of turning one of the most powerful ponies in existence into a monstrous evil. Like this...

    Oh snap it's Black Snooty! What could be more awesome than Celestia versus Nightmare Moon?

    How about evil herself? The evil Daybreaker. I'd like to blow your minds and remind you that this is not canon evil Celestia. This is headcanon. Starlight's headcanon to be exact. It's her dream. Sol Invictus or Nightmare Star could still be a thing. But let's break down this evil alicorn. We have the expected size increase, extended breast and leg armor, and mane of actual fire. What's original, however, is freakin' wing blades which are sick, a helm with dragon style neck fins, an orange flank splotch under her cutie mark, and some messed up pupils. Also, compared to NMM, Daybreaker has sharper, fiercer edges. A pointed, deadly alicorn with wing blades and a burning inferno for hair. She's a stabbycorn and she's gonna' cut ya. Nightmare Moon is the opposite with more curves to her armor which sticks close and conforms to her body, and rounded feathers in her wings. Even her mane is more rounded. Daybreaker is the piercing light and Nightmare Moon is the enveloping darkness.

    The evil ones always think they are the prettier ones.

    "Even when we were apart, I knew I need [Luna]." Well, way to screw that up 1,000 years ago. Let's check out some sweet magic blasts...

    Hit so hard it displaced her tail...

    "I should have destroyed you!" Wow, this is going to some dark places for such a sun filled pony. Let's roll with it. Hit her again...

    Savage! I like how Starlight is trying to reason with her nightmare. And I know it's her nightmare and thus is terrifying to her, but Celestia seeing this stuff should be about ready to lose it. But she'll keep it together...

    Back up off. Honestly, this doesn't look like a fight you want to be in the middle of. Daybreaker could smile you to death!

    What is she doing? Is that a defensive spell?

    "So much black. We get it. You're sad" Luna is the original goth.

    Okay, yeah, this is a dream. This is not how Equestrian magic functions. Also, Daybreaker cannot be good for Equestrian climate change.

    God tier. Getgud noobs! Also, we seem to be roasting the Treehouse acorn logo. Let's check in on Luna's dream...

    I'm expecting to see a hoof reach out from the inside of her mane or slenderpony off in the corner. This is horrifying. Having dealt with the Tantabus previously though, this isn't that scary to Luna.

    Ah "The Tooth Hurts" trope. I take it back, the fillies in the mirror were not terrifying, this is. I don't care if that is $50 for the tooth fairy. That level of Mountain Dew Mouth is enough to give me the chills. Luckily Celestia saves her...by dragging her into the insanity that is Starlight's dream...

    And the battle rages on. Good thing that forcefield is holding. I wonder how Starlight is taking things...

     "If you don't fix this soon, it could have a grave consequence on Starlight's psyche." Jeez...

    Ah, look at that. Making some progress. They now realize how hard each other's jobs are. All by the Cutie Map's design. Meanwhile...

    Finish her...

    Nightmare Moon's scream was funny. Also, flame pillars make everything better. Celestia better hurry up cause Glimglam is still losing it.

    Why couldn't Celestia have been this awesome against Chrysalis? Now, finish them...

    Double kill...

    I like how Luna immediately knew Celestia talked to herself. Let's get out of this dream. Presumably, Celestia still had other ponies to visit after Starlight, because Luna had enough time to make...

    Pancakes! Horrible, terrible pancakes. I love this moment here where they are (in more words) saying they need to be honest with each other from now on.

    "The Map was wise to send you..." Well good on ya, Starlight Glimmer. You didn't let either princess turn into an evil goddess outside your dream or damage your psyche along the way.

    She's like a Helicopter parent with actual wings. Poor Starlight. What did Twi bring you as a reward...

    Spike is best toothbrush. Actually, this could be a real product in the Crystal Empire where Spike is a hero. I bet Spike would have given her one. That sounds like a Spike things to do.

    Twilight likes thorough documentation. Poor Starlight.

    "By the way, I really screwed some stuff up. You should fix that. kthxbye."

    Well, that's that. The crazy, scary, amazing episode that is "A Royal Problem". For me, this was the best episode of the season.  Let me know how you liked the episode down in the comments and how you liked the follow-up. Until next time!

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