• Story: An Artist Among Animals


    Author: TheBandBrony
    Trouble looms in post-war paradise. Rarity’s overly generous sales strategy coupled with her unsavory dealings in the illegal Equestrian fur trade have sunk her deep into debt. With every day bringing her closer to homelessness, she is forced to assume her ex-life as a highbrow thief under the hoof of Equestria's last great crime lord, Don Noir.
    Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle searches for a way to help her friend. Her solution: bank robbery! Teaming up with a disgraced and disfigured con-pony, Twilight dives headfirst into the murky depths of the Equestrian underworld. Will she be able to sort everything out by the time Rarity's rent is due? Or will she wind up behind bars just in time to see Rarity wind up on the streets?
    Set seven years after a cataclysmic war between pony and griffonkind, An Artist Among Animals chronicles a leader’s descent into corruption, a coward criminal’s mad dash for redemption, a broken veteran's struggle to save his soul, and an artist’s battle to retain her morals while still finding a way to make tons of cash.
    An Artist Among Animals

    Additional Tags: Ponies rob banks. It ends badly.