• MLP Season 7 Episode 14 Revealed - Fame and Misfortune

    MLP Season 7 Episode 15 Revealed - Fame and Misfortune

    The 12th episode title of the season has been revealed! "Fame and Misfortune" will be airing on the 3rd of June, continuing the trend of Canadian early releases past May.

    We have already confirmed this one, so no need to rumor tag it. Expect a synopsis some time in the near future! Until then, what do you think it will involve? That title reminds me of Rarity, but we have plenty of pop star ponies now to choose from. Maybe even a Rainbow Dash episode? I bet those Wonderbolts get a lot of star studded event plannings... even if Glimmy never heard of them. 

    Thanks to GeorgeQGreg and Adrian for the heads up.