• (Confirmed) Treehouse Re-airing MLP Season 7 Starting This Weekend?

    Some interesting news coming out of Zap2It and our sources through GeorgeQGreg once again! It looks like the schedule for Treehouse has changed once again. Where this weekend we were expecting two new episodes we are getting the first two episodes of the season once again.

    That's right, the first two episodes of the season. While next weekend appears to be episodes 3 and 4.

    The Treehouse schedule itself hasn't updated yet so we're still labeling this as a rumor, but we should know soon from either people's TV guides or an update of Treehouse's schedule soon.

    Check after the break for the scheduling change. Thanks to Raffaele for sending it in!

    TheBronyNetwork has checked their TV Guide and it looks like the rumor is true!

    Zap2It Source

    Twitter: Calpain