• IDW MLP Artist Sara Richard Auctioning Off Signed 1:125 RIC Cover to FIENDShip is Magic #1

    This is the single rarest My Little Pony Comic Cover that was ever commercially available. It was a 1 in 125 chase variant for the entire FIENDShip is Magic event-series (meaning you had to order 25 copies of each issue in the series to get this cover). It sold out instantly, much to the frustration of everyone who was trying to complete the Sugar Skulls cover set for the series. The last time this cover showed up for sale anywhere was at the BronyCon 2016 charity auction where it sold for over $600.

    For those of you looking for this particular comic issue, MLP Cover Artist Sara Richard has tossed up her last copy onto ebay! What's more, Sara has also decided to donate 10% of the proceeds of this auction to 505 Horse Rescue and & Retirement Ranch, which is as the name implies a charity whose mission is to save as many horses who are victims of abuse, abandonment, or neglect in the world as possible.

    A My Little Pony Comic is raising money to support a horse charity. I absolutely love this idea. If you're interested in bidding on this comic and want to try and get the cover, you can bid on the comic here!