• EW Releases a MLP: Movie First Look - Pretty 360 View Included!

    A new first look article dropped on EW today and by the looks of it this is probably the pretty thing Meghan was talking about if I had to venture a guess! Featuring a 360 panorama with some of the new artwork from the movie it really does look, well, pretty!

    There is some music too with the 360 view, just a small repeating clip from the sounds of it, but it sounds nice. Not sure if it is from the movie or promo music, but it does sound like pony music to me at least.

    Apparently it has a 3D Stereoscopic View too if you're able to take advantage of that.

    Get the non-360 version after the break and a link to the article in full! Not much new information but it's nice to see some new promo material.

    A big thanks to The Illustrious Q for informing us first and SandPox, Dubbie and Golden Star for sending it into the inbox.

    Click for full, check website for best resolution. Blogger messes with uploaded pics.

    Source with 360 view (Plays music, make sure volume is down if at work/school)

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