• Super Serious: 10 Incredible Future Scenarios for Flurry Heart

    With Flurry of Emotions showing how incredibly powerful Flurry Heart is for her age, many a discussion popped up on how, or why this is. A remarkable little foal has captured the imagination of fanfiction writers, video makers, and general fans throughout the ponynet!

    After hours and hours of intense debate on the EQD Discord, our resident geniuses Pascoite and Blueshift have come up with an amazing set of super likely scenarios for the future of Equestria's newest Alicorn addition. What can we expect out of her future? Will cartoon horses everywhere fear her as she grows older? Or will she be a beacon of hope for the downtrodden and inspiration to unicorns everywhere?

    Below the break, be enlightened.
    Below the break... I'm sorry...


    Due to time traveling shenanigans, Flurry Heart is actually a younger Celestia. Everyone gets pretty pissed off.


    Flurry Heart decides to rebel against the sweetness and light of Equestria, becoming a moody teen with the ambition to become a rap artist. As she is a princess, she is the only pony legally allowed to swear. Will Equestria survive Flurry’s shallow, uninspired rap, or can Cadance inspire her daughter to follow her true dreams and become a K-Pop idol?


    Flurry Heart makes a living blogging about her life in Canterlot, but squanders all the bits she raised by just lounging about her house and buying anime hugging pillows. When interest in her life wanes, can she deal with going outside and talking to other ponies? After a lifetime of pizza, can she still fit through doors?


    It turns out that Flurry Heart isn’t real, she is just a bundle of cotton wool and sticks operated by a tiny crew of mice. How long can they keep up their deception before being found out?


    Flurry Heart gets her horn stuck in a corkboard and it has to be amputated. Pony scientists replace it with a laser pointer. How will she grow up using science rather than magic? And will those laughing at her change their tune when she’s Equestria’s last hope when the cat-people attack?



    Flurry has started showing... signs as she ages. It starts small with broken toys and weird dreams at night. Eventually, a darker personality slowly emerges, where she seems to find some kind of weird pleasure in destroying her parents things. One day, Cadance walks in on her talking to... something. As if a 3rd pony is in the room with them. Being the good, but cautious mom she is, Cadance smiles and asks who her invisible friend is. In a strangely alien voice she shouts... "It's my best friend Somby and he is way more fun than you guys!" .


    Flurry Heart decides that her true calling is to help other ponies, however she becomes a lawyer instead. Is her heart forever dead to friendship, or can it become flurried again?


    Flurry Heart’s heart opens up to the world of campaigning for justice, and she fights against her privilege, trying to smash the unicorn matriarchy, end the monarchy by bringing in democracy, and getting rid of dragon slavery. Is Equestria ready for such a change though? Twilight Sparkle certainly isn’t!


    Flurry Heart becomes enamored with the fictional chronicles of a time-traveling alien, and she spends weeks at a time locked up in her room bingeing old “lost” episodes and coming up with crackpot theories about their continuity. She never accomplishes anything meaningful in her life.


    Flurry heart quickly earns a large political backing based on her promise to make “peetzer” the official spelling. Nobody knows why, but Princess Cadence heartily endorses the platform. As a result of the political atmosphere, pizza technology quickly advances, and before long, self-rising frozen pizza easily outclasses anything restaurants have to offer. At this point, nobody knows why, but Princess Cadence immediately withdraws her support, muttering something about the plight of delivery ponies. Once Flurry Heart inevitably bores of holding office after about two weeks, she attempts to reconcile with Princess Cadence, but she senses there will always be an irreparable gulf between them.


    Flurry Heart eats a green crisp* and is never heard from again.

    *European Potato Chip

    Written by: Blueshift and Pascoite who won't let me make them post it.