• Patreon Celebration - April - DERPY

    These months are moving so fast. Luckily we have a season date, so I don't mind at all. April means another patreon celebration post, and lots of you have sent in stuff for it! As always, we are still looking for more ideas for rewards, but for now the current ones seem to be working well. Feel free to recommend any!

    And thanks a ton to everyone still contributing. I was pretty worried that it would dip, but it's still holding strong. You have no idea how much that helps.

    ANYWAY, Celebrate below with some... DERP. Go get it all below!

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!

    Rayzar - "Lyra tastes like mint" 

    Filigun - "LIVE AT PONY STUDIOS, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT PONE" (or thursday)

    Quasar - "I have no idea what to say here"

    Specially Trained Derp

    Shadowkrosser - "True power and greatness is not determined by the extent of one's strength, but by the extent of one's restraint."

    Let's Eat Hay! 

    Maldoras - "get some sleep Spotlight ! We still need some Patreons to reach 200 !"

    Luster - "With the Season Premiere coming up, now is a great time to join (or start) a meetup group in your area. Watching episodes is always more fun with friends!"

    Lucky Knight - "I'm Brony and I'm Proud. Everypony Shares A Story."

    Frith - I lost track of time in the uncommon old poled cold 
    I couldn't sleep right in this outscold bolled rockhold 
    Shut my door I had only myself to hold... 
    In bed 

    Then through my hallucinations 
    I heard a profound drowned sound 
    Pounding on my door trying to bring me 'round to ground 
    I wasn't hiding and yet now, I had been found 

    There's a star mare waiting in the sky 
    She'd like to come and meet us 
    But she thinks she'd be devined 
    There's a star mare waiting in the sky 
    She's told us not to throw it 
    'Cause she knows it's all worthwhile 
    She told me: Let the ponies lose it 
    Let the ponies use it 
    Let all the ponies forget 
    I had to tell somepony so 

    I wrote to you who knew 
    While sipping on Zecora's reviving gnu yew brew 
    Look out the window she might be 

    Watching you (The starmare is in twilightpony.dreamwidth.org Look for the tag. Obvious David Bowie parody is obvious.)

    Tier 2 - Include an image!

    Niels Olof - "time for tea"

     Zaxman - "Shimmy + Overwatch is amazing"

    Post a Video!

    All Other Tiers!

    Xinef - "What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutie mark? And what is a cutie mark but a constant reminder that Fluttershy is best pony?"

    Ryan - "Season Seven is mere weeks away, finally a reason to wake up early on Saturdays again"

    Lahirien - "Come friends, sit in the snow with me and let us all bask in season seven's warm, glowing, warming glow."

    Larscis - "Poni"

    Ajnrules - "I love Rainbow Dash!"