• My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Book Tracking Mega Post!

    Books! Books! BOOKS EVERYWHERE! And all ready to be sorted on the shelf!

    One of the major aspects of the My Little Pony franchise is just how many books—licensed or direct from Hasbro—are published in any given year. An yet, aside from looking up the listings on Amazon a daily basis to keep up with the latest releases, it's kind of had a very low key presence on Equestria Daily.

    Of course the chapter books from Little Brown have been featured when they've come out… usually on the day they are announced and the final release date, but keeping track of the dates in between is not something EQD has done. Nor have we really paid attention to the other books coming out in the franchise.

    This post here is to correct that oversight. And what better way to it than by channeling our inner Twilight Sparkle and organize everything into one consolidated list… that updates! Below the break you'll find the current (plus or minus one week) My Little Pony Books scheduled for release. Be sure to check it out, and to check back on this list every so often to see what's coming soon to Amazon and a bookstore near you!