• IDW My Little Pony Comic Release Date Tracking Mega Post!

    Oh the My Little Pony Comics, how I do enjoy collecting them. I almost have everything IDW has ever produced for the series—with one $6,000 exception. But there has been a recurring problem the My Little Pony Comics. Namely that their publication schedule often changes at the drop of a hat.

    Mind you this is a fact of the comic book industry in general, and not a problem specific to the MLP Comics from IDW Publishing, but it can get a little irksome when trying to keep track of when a particular comic is scheduled to come out.

    Case in point, the constant shuffling around for the My Little Pony: Guardians of Harmony Annual. To say that issue kept on being delayed to the point of frustration wouldn't be inaccurate.  However, to help alleviate some of these problems, Equestria Daily has created a new resources dedicated to tracking this specific information.

    Below the break, you'll find a spreadsheet that contains the tentative release dates, MSRP, and the solicitation listings for all currently known My Little Pony Comic Publications.

    Be sure to check it out after the break!