• Fallout Equestria Pen and Paper Game Starts Fundraiser

    Awhile back we reported on a new project from Dead Tree Studios concerning a pen and paper game for Fallout Equestria. Now they are ready to head onto the next step as they raise funds to make the game into a real product!

    Check on after the break for a breakdown on what to expect and a link to donate today!

    We at Dead Tree Studios are proud to announce the initial release funding drive for our Fallout: Equestria PnP Book Set!

    Our initial announcement was made at BABSCon 2017, where we also showed off our second demo book, Diary of a Mary Sue, and played pick up demo games of the system in the tabletop games room.  

    For those unfamiliar with Dead Tree Studios, DTS was founded in 2016 to produce and refine the FOE: PnP originally designed by Kkat and Sunrise into a rulebook set consisting of six books:

    The Wasteland Survival Guide: our core rulebook, and the only book needed to play

    Diary of a Mary Sue: our character creation guide, to help players build and refine their characters

    GM Bullshit The Overmare: our game master’s guide, built to facilitate GMs creating their games

    Hoofticuffs: our martial arts guide, for the mastery of over 20 different martial arts

    The Locked Safe: our items compendium, containing list porn our complete lists of over 1000 items, over 250 spells, and an array of perks and traits to pick from.

    And, finally, The Gilded Cage: our bestiary, chock full of several hundred monsters, Non-Player Characters, raiders, civilians, and more!

    We have finished preparing two of those books for print, and the other four are extremely close to being finished as well.  Also in the final stages of preparation for release are 19 different mini figurines that will be available, as well as a GM blind screen, and a shelf box covered in original art.  

    As a result of our extreme levels of preparation, we feel that the time is now to start collecting orders!  That’s where you come in.

    A link to our Indiegogo site can be found here.  As perks for our initial release, we have all the books available, plus a box set containing all six books, all 19 minifigs, a dice set including a custom minted D2 coin, the GM blind, a map screen, and free shipping to the continental US.  We are also including the ability to step up perks using BackerKit.  All orders will be shipped using BackerKit, and are expected to ship September of 2017.

    If you would like to follow Dead Tree Studios, or have further questions about our project, please check us out of Facebook, Twitter, and on our website, www.projectdeadtree.com.  We also have a Patreon, if you’d like to help us keep the lights on.

    Thank you very much for your continued support!

    Twitter: Calpain