• Equestria Daily Easter Egg Giveaway Event Results!

    And we have a Grand Prize Winner for the Easter Egg Giveaway event! Let's give a big hand to Ander Vicente Ertze with their entry of My Little Pony Easter Eggs! Randomly Selected Runner Up is Angry Angel by Jemima.

    Equestria Daily will get in contact with the winners shortly so that they may both receive a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Rarity Fashion Runway Playsets direct from Hasbro!

    After the break you'll be able to find all of those entered into the giveaway. I hope everyone who entered had fun! Till next time everyone!

    My Little Poneggs - Paper Heaetfold

    Aj, fluttershy, and derpeyes
    Angry Angel - Jemima (RANDOMLY SELECTED RUNNER UP)

    The other hand was my mothers but I did all of the work. The writhing says Pinkie's chocolate.
    My Little Pony Easter Eggs - Ander Vicente Ertze (FIRST PLACE WINNER!!!)

    Happy Easter, Hope you like them!
    Fish Spike Egg - Frith

    At work there are ostriches and I found a quick and easy way to get the egg out of the eggshell. Freeze them. The eggs crack open, I thaw them just enough to get the egg out, then I clean up the shells, dry them, stash treats inside and glue the pieces back together. Spike Egg contains honey and cereal grains. It's an Easter treat for a bear. It was going to be a red and blue fish, but then this challenge happened, so I went for Spike as a fish. Shoo-be-doop!