• Season 7 Discussion: How Do You Think They Will Handle Starlight Glimmer After Seeing the Teasers?

    Adding that season 7 spoiler tag to this one. You can turn off season 7 posts in the nav bar.

    We now have three new teasers for the season opener of season 7, each one showing more and more of what we can probably expect for the opener. The rest of the season is still largely a mystery outside of two announced episodes.

    For a refresher or if you missed them, have some links:

    Season 7 Teaser 1
    Season 7 Teaser 2
    Season 7 Teaser 3

    These all seem to point at a shifting of the Starlight, maybe back to her original village to continue friendshipping the same way Twilight did? Or maybe she will travel with Trixie for a while?

    How do you want them to handle her in the season?