• SeaBronies presents Expedition 3 to Alaska; room block open!

    Been wanted to head off to Alaska? SeaBronies is happy to announce a new cruise for next year departing from Vancouver that will take you all the way to America's biggest State!

    For more details on the trip and rooms check on after the break!

    SeaBronies, the brony group for travel lovers and cruising enthusiasts, is delighted to announce Expedition 3: The Alaskan Experiment! The most ambitious SeaBronies voyage yet, Expedition 3 will span an entire week, and take cruisers from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (home to most of the cast and crew behind MLP:FiM!) to a wide variety of beautiful ports of call in Alaska. Stops include KetchikanIcy Strait PointJuneauSkagway, and a sail-by of the Hubbard Glacier. Finally, the cruise ends in Seward, Alaska, starting point of the Iditarod trail, surrounded by amazing national parks and wildlife refuges. The cruise departs on Friday, May 25, 2018  (yes, 2018— NOT 2017!), so you have plenty of time to plan and save!

    Prices start at $766 per person (taxes and fees included!) for an unforgettable 7-night voyage aboard the Celebrity Millennium. That’s not $766 per day— it’s $766 for the entire week, including all meals! And for that money, you’ll get to partake in our poshest cruise yet. Celebrity Cruises is a cut above Carnival, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean, offering a polished and luxurious cruise experience to all comers.

    As with our past numbered cruises, we will be hosting at least one VIP Guest of Honor aboard this voyage, and all attendees will have ample opportunities to interact with the Guest of Honor both on and off the ship. For our last cruise, Expedition 2, our Guests of Honor were the incomparable Peter New (voice of Big McIntosh, Doctor Whooves, and more) and the irrepressible Jenn Blake (IDW comics artist, fashion designer, and beloved convention circuit regular), the latter making her very last pony-related guest appearance. Topping off this star-studded roster were community guests Tarby and Strumpet.

    Who’ll be our VIP guest this time? Only time will tell, but we’re going to make sure it’s someone AWESOME!

    Interested? Check out the page for Expedition 3 on the SeaBronies Meetup group! But be aware: Cruise prices cannot be held for long! As is standard in the cruise line industry, prices fluctuate (even months or years in advance). As a result of this, Celebrity can only guarantee the prices noted here for a few more weeks! Beyond that, prices could change, or they could stay the same— but we cannot guarantee any of those outcomes (nor can the cruise line itself).

    If you wish to lock in your cabin at the prices we’re presently advertising, run— don’t walk— to our booking instructions page to learn how to book with our group, directly with Celebrity Cruises themselves. Once you’ve made your down payment, your price is guaranteed! (And, yes, down payments are fully refundable, up through 30 days prior to the cruise.) One final note: PLEASE don’t book your cruise through a third party; book directly through Celebrity Cruises!

    SeaBronies, established in February 2015, is a Meetup group that holds all of its events on commercially available cruises rather than in conventional meetup venues. Not a “brony cruise provider”, but rather a facilitator of brony meetups and events ON pre-existing cruises, SeaBronies aims to provide and curate fun experiences on cruises around the world for bronies, pegasisters and ponyfans. Well-traveled staffers bring to the table their expertise from over 50 individual cruises. All venues are voted on by open vote among registered members, and all VIP appearances are funded by nominal attendee dues, merchandise sales and Patreon supporters. Founding chairs of SeaBronies include the founders of BronyCon and BABSCon. This will be SeaBronies's fourth group cruise, and its third main numbered expedition.

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