• Patreon Celebration - March - Lyra and Bonbon Bash!

    We are out of CMC and mane cast,  so lets break into random ponies! Feel free to suggest who you want next below. Maybe we can take it as a vote. Otherwise Trixie's getting the next one.

    It's that time again, and this post has been slightly delayed. Sorry about that. If you have any rewards you'd still like to claim, you can do that by messaging the EQD patreon with your award tier!

    Thanks again to everyone that is donating. We are at 199 patrons now and It still amazes me every day. Nothing motivates to keep running this crazy site more than all the support you all give us. It can be a rocky internet out there. It's good to know we are loved!

    Anyway, it's celebration time. Go get your Lyra and Bonbonsplosion below.

    Tier 1 - A Name and Quote!


    Frith - "Rah Rah EQD!"

    Specially Trained Derp 

    Luster - "Take a minute to thank Seth, Cal, and the EQD staff for everything they do for us. EQD has helped a lot of new creators get their start. And, seriously, thanks! This is one site I can always rely on for a bit of good news or a smile at the end of a long day. :)" 

    Shadowkrosser - "Please help us save Ponycon. Even a share can make a difference."

    Tim - "Getting hyped for season 7!" 

    Villiansparkle - "FEAR ME FOR I AM DEATH"

    Maldoras - "Only 5 more Patreon`s to reach 200, can we do it till Season 7 ?"

    Tier 2 - Include an image!


    Zaxman - Am I the only one that doesn't really like the new changeling form? Excited to see what happens to them next season!


    Niels Olof - "Anyone for a cup of Fabulosity?"

    From: StartledFlowerPony

    Post a Video!


    From: Richard

    All Other Tiers!

    Bannerizer (Mane-Iac) - Lahirien - "May your finales be awesome and your hiatuses short!"

    Sketch Tier - Xinef - "Oatmeal"

    Patreon Chat - Ajnrules - "I love Rainbow Dash!"

    Patreon Chat - AG-Poni "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

    Ryan - "The Hiatus drags on but it's nearly over. can't wait for next season as well as the movie. Hope to see you all in the comments section."

    Lyra and Bonbon DANCE PARTY

    (New!) Twitter: Sethisto