• HAHcon is This Weekend - Online Pony Convention

    If you are one of those people that don't like big social gatherings or dropping the price of a trip to Hawaii on a convention, HAHCon is back with another pony shindig complete with all the things you'd expect from the showings at a normal convention, but online!

    Head on down below for details for the weekend.

    Online Convention HAHcon is This Weekend
    All day on March 4, HAHcon is livestreaming a schedule full of things you would expect at a pony convention and a lot you probably wouldn’t, like a live cooking show, events in Spanish and French, and a livestream about actual horses with a professional wrangler. The HAHcon ticket price is $0, so if you get the chance please pitch in to this year’s charity fundraiser or pick up something fun at the online store.

    Convention Info
    HAHcon has events for people of all ages, including kids-safe and adults-only events. Each livestream has a content rating next to it in the schedule.

    Saturday, March 4 (all day)
    Hub Livestream Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/HAHcon
    “Main Hall” Chat Forum: http://discord.gg/ZXDpQpR (we use Discord)

    Last year we raised more than $700 for UpstreamArts to help people with disabilities via art education. Let’s beat last year’s goal!

    Our nonprofit of choice this year is Allen Neighborhood Center. ANC is a small, incredible nonprofit in Michigan well known for its food programs, which over the past 18 years have brought fresh food, gardens, and farms to an area that used to have nothing.

    If you donate $25 or more though the HAHcon website, you will get an exclusive HAHcon charity poster mailed to you. There are two designs to pick from this year. Thank you Purple Tinker for printing and donating all of the posters!

    If you’d like to donate directly to ANC, ways to do so are on our charity page.

    Things To Do At HAHCon
    • Go to one or more of the 49 livestreams throughout the day
    • Play pony Minecraft
    • See a fan animation premiere
    • Cook waffles and pancakes
    • Roleplay
    • Get a drawing of your pony character
    • Argue about the IDW pony comics
    • Learn to animate in 2D or 3D
    • Learn to make a Pony Music Video
    • Find out how to make music
    • Discover tools in your art programs that’ll make drawing faster
    • Go to a Spanish & English or French & English livestream
    • Enter the turkey gobbling contest

    Obligatory Horsefamous Guest List
    AdamTheAmazing64 (animator)
    ALOSart (artist)
    argodaemon (animator)
    AWal (musician)
    Crowne Prince (animator)
    Dr. Wolf (analyst)
    Eurobeat Brony (musician)
    JollyOldCinema (animator)
    Kraden (artist)
    LuleMT (artist)
    Mad Munchkin (artist)
    Minty Root (animator)
    Princess “Molly” (wink wink)
    Silver Quill (analyst)
    ...and more. Check the schedule.