• Episode Rewatch - Suited for Success

    We're back with the episode rewatches guys with a different sort of format! Awhile back a commenter suggested cutting back on the pics and commentary after the break and instead just give people a place to watch and comment on the old episodes. So, we're going to try that to see if we can get these out more frequently!

    Our episode for today is Suited for Success, an episode that made Rarity a power player in the series and made the art of dress making something we could relate to. Plus with a catchy song it just sealed the deal. It also really started the trend of the show putting our ponies in elaborate outfits which has continued to this day. An episode many have said is one of their favorites from season 1 come and relive the magic after the break!

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode... by Jonny_Manz

    Twitter: Calpain