• Duo Cartoonist Stopping Work on Choices and Fandom Projects

    A bit of sad news for everyone today unfortunately. Duo Cartoonist, known for Children of the Night and The Moon Rises, is halting production on their new production "Choices" and are stepping away from fandom work.

    Their reasoning for leaving can be all found on their Patreon and after the break. Thanks to Wonsz for giving us a heads up.

    We here at EqD wish them the very best!

    Hello Dear Patrons. 
    As usual, we want to keep you posted first, before any other social media. 
    Things have happened in the last two weeks, which have shaken me a little, and after assessing the workload of "Choices" it is clear to me that the project is impossible to complete. 
    We don't want to leave you hanging, so I will upload a high quality compilation of the songs, and the audio of EP1 to Youtube, so people can see what is going on. The video collab with Jan is still on the works, so don't worry, we are not out of content. 
    The matter at hand goes beyond that, and we cannot do pony anymore, nor fanart, aside of extremely sparingly.   
    This is a tough decision, but it has to be done, yet we can still offer you a lot through this very Patreon, in form of original works, industry advice,  and more than likely, I will lead by example by turning this is a huge evolution journey. 
    If you are here for pony, I want to be 100% honest. We are stepping out of fan art, we have arrived to a point in which it makes us miserable, and that is the queue to leave.  It is been a wonderful journey, but all has it's cycle, and we are longing for freedom.
    To explore new worlds, to experiment, create, to make tools.. and the fanart is dwarfing this desire for growth. 
    We can only express a huge THANK YOU for your support, and we would be honored if you stay here for what else we have on store. 

    Twitter: Calpain