• Comic/Music: Timey-Wimey: Jyc Row - Tempora's Requiem (feat. Decibelle) [Orchestral]

    Something pretty awesome here! Jyc Row has been working with Lumic4 to produce some music that ties into their Timey-Wimey comic. The music accompanies the artwork seen above, which also constitutes pages 78 and 79 of the comic. Singer Decibelle has hopped aboard as well to add some excellent vocals to what is a powerful and fitting epic orchestral instrumental. You can check out the comic here and the song with message from Jyc and Lumic4 below the break!

    Today is a big day for us and we wanted to thank you all for your support. This is an incredible Journey since the beginning of Timey-Wimey and, without you, we would not have been this far. We hope you will like this song! Stay awesome!
    - Lumic4 & Jyc Row