• BABSCon Welcomes The Children of the Rising Moon, Duo Cartoonist

    This April, The Moon Rises at BABSCon with their latest Community Guest: Duo Cartoonist the talent behind Children of the Night and the Moon Rises! This will be their first U.S. convention appearance so if you want to meet and learn from the some of the fandom's best video animators, this is your chance.

    Get the full release below...

    Duo Cartoonist first gained fandom-wide notice with the release of the Discord/Celestia focused animatic Heaven’s Light. They rocketed to the fandom stardom with the release of the critical and fandom acclaim with animated short Children of the Night, which currently has over 40 Million views! They cemented their status as one of the fandoms absolute best fan animators with the release of The Moon Rises.

    In addition to the animated shorts starring Princess Luna which have already released, Duo Cartoonist is working on a new animation starring Discord and Princess Celestia entitled Choices!

    Sponsor tickets that include the Guest of Honor Meet and Greet are still available but, will disappear fast! So don’t be left out of this chance to meet animation greatness and register today: registration.babscon.com

    BABSCon has more Community Guest Announcements coming very soon to a pony media outlet near you!

    (Art by Duo Cartoonist)

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    Email info@babscon.com for more information!