• Tony Fleecs Latest SPOC Sneak Peeks!

    I seriously need to commission Tony Fleecs to make one of those headers for the Single Panel Out of Context Sneak Peeks. Out of all of the artists who work on the book, he's the one who tosses out the majority of them.

    Speaking of, Tony has dumped a whole bunch of them over the last couple of weeks on his Instagram page. What sort of secrets do these panels hold for Season 7? I have absolutely no idea—they're out of context remember—but knowing Tony there's probably some sort of twist to them.

    Be sure to check them out after the break!

    "Pick me! Pick me!!"—Tony Fleecs (Source)

    "Ok bro."—Tony Fleecs (Source)

    "Sneak!"—Tony Fleecs (Source)

    "Who the heck is burpin' at Rarity??"—Tony Fleecs (Source)

    "❤️"—Tony Fleecs (Source)

    I regret nothing.