• Online Site The Verge and Mashable Report Hacker Directed Old Trump Tweet to Brony Video

    There have been some concerns about the security of the US President's Twitter account and it looks like they might be right. According to a report by the Verge and Mashable a hacker has bought up expired domains names and redirected them to various videos on Youtube to mess with the messages.

    One of them is an MLP convention video. And why a Brony video? Because according to the Belgian hacker he linked to the video because “I just picked something which is not that cool.” 

    Looks like ponies are getting into politics again, this time exposing a security flaw that can be used to alter the timeline in regards to what Trump linked to in the distant past. Truly ponies are doing their best to make the world a safer place.

    Thanks to Dom and Erica for sending it in.

    Twitter: Calpain