• EFNW Looking for Volunteers!

    The friendly folks over at Everfree Northwest want you all to know they are still looking for volunteers to help staff the convention this year! As you all know, every successful convention has to have a good staff on hand, so if you're looking to help out check on after the break for more information.

    Everfree Northwest is still looking for hardworking folks to join our fabulous volunteer staff! Join our amazing team and take advantage of some amazing perks, which includes: comped weekend pass
    (save $70!), access to the staff lounge during the con, and our awesome exclusive EFNW 2017 staff
    shirt! Are you interested? Head on over to https://everfreenw.com/ to fill out an application!

    Art by http://okapifeathers.deviantart.com

    Twitter: Calpain