• Discussion: What Kind of Pony Art NEEDS to Be Drawn More?


    We've all seen thousands of pony drawings at this point. Art has always been one of the most prolific things int he fandom. I bet I'm not the only one that has seen an image and thought "WOW, we need more of THAT!" be it something as simple as a cartoon equine in a brand new pair of striped socks, to the most complex of giant Steampunk pony wars with Celestia swinging a giant techno-malet at Nightmare Moon.

    So, good fandom with all it's good ideas, why don't we help all the artists out there think of a topic for their next piece. What pony art do you think NEEDS to be explored more? What kind of setting, characters, clothing type, or whatever else is lacking in ponyland?

    Discuss below!