• Derpy Day Next Week!

    It's time to celebrate everyone's favorite mail mare, Derpy! Considering whenever I seem to use Derpy as a header on posts things go horrible wrong I'm expecting the entire site to be on fire by the end of the day.

    To celebrate Derpy's Day we once again need your help! Send in any Derpy related material you've either made or found somewhere on the net and send it to submit@equestriadaily.com with Derpy Day in the subject header followed by the type of media you're sending in.

    Example: Derpy Day - Comics

    I am adding a little something to these appreciation days going onward. While we receive a lot of material for each appreciation day, sometimes we receive a certain type of media in such limited supply we can't make a post out of it. Thus I will dedicate the post ending the day to not only close the day but feature everything that didn't get a separate post before so everything gets featured.

    We look forward to seeing what you guys send us!

    Twitter: Calpain