• Crafts and Custom Compilation #1

    Hey guys, ready for some nostalgia? Back in 2012 or so I divided the crafts from the customs simply because we used the misnomer Custom Compilation to refer to both customs AND crafts. Also, considering how quickly things were coming in back then, dividing them up was a nice way to keep the old posts from getting too huge while allowing each category to get some more focused spotlight.

    Nowadays, unfortunately, customs have taken a nosedive in popularity with so few submissions it sometimes takes a month and a half to get them posted. Crafts have been hit as well taking a bit longer to fill our inbox, but not to the same degree as customs.

    In order to speed up turnaround for both customs and crafts I've decided to bring them together once again though with a proper name this time! Welcome to the first Crafts and Custom Compilation post!

    As a result we've got a ton of stuff to share with you guys tonight! Check it all out after the break!

    [1] Source

    My Little Pony Stained Glass by athiil

    [2] Source

    Let's rock! by Shuxer59

    [3] Source

    NCMares Twalot by Shuxer59 by Shuxer59

    [4] Source

    Chrysalis figurine by moemneop

    [5] Source

    Crystal Twilight Sparkle BlindBag by lilliesinthegarden

    [6] Source

    Crystal Rainbow Dash BlindBag by lilliesinthegarden

    [7] Source

    Crystal Rarity BlindBag by lilliesinthegarden

    [8] Source

    Marble Pie BlindBag by lilliesinthegarden

    [9] Source

    Braeburn BlindBag by lilliesinthegarden

    [10] Source

    Crystal AppleJack by lilliesinthegarden

    [11] Source

    Lyra Blind Bag by lilliesinthegarden

    [12] Source

    Crystal Fluttershy Blind Bag by lilliesinthegarden

    [13] Source

    Commission. NCMares Applebloom by Shuxer59 by Shuxer59

    [14] Source

    Happy Birthday, NCMares! by Shuxer59

    [15] Source

    Commission. NCMares Luna by Shuxer59 by Shuxer59

    [16] Source

    Comission. Blue Feather by Shuxer59 by Shuxer59

    [17] Source

    NCMares Wondercolt by Shuxer59 by Shuxer59

    [18] Source

    Griffon Warrior by Shuxer59

    [19] Source

    Rarity Sculpture! by EarthenPony

    [20] Source

    Fluttershy! by EarthenPony

    [21] Source

    Rearing Rainbow Dash! by EarthenPony

    [22] Source

    PInkie Pie for personal Fundraiser! by EarthenPony

    [23] Source

    Berry Punch Soaking it Up! by EarthenPony

    [24] Source

    Twilight Sparkle: Deluxe Princess Edition by CadmiumCrab

    [25] Source

    Twilight Reading: Pre-Princess Edition by CadmiumCrab

    [26] Source

    Applejack: Apples for Sale! by CadmiumCrab

    [27] Source

    Sleepy Soarin by CadmiumCrab

    [28] Source

    Derpy Mailmare Sculpt by CadmiumCrab

    [29] Source

    War time Rainbow Dash 1 by SanadaOokmai

    [30] Source

    War time Maud Pie by SanadaOokmai

    [31] Source

    Alternate universe bat guard Rainbow Dash by SanadaOokmai

    [32] Source

    Snowfall Frost by SanadaOokmai

    [33] Source

    CMC set by SanadaOokmai

    [34] Source

    Minuette by SanadaOokmai

    [35] Source

    filly celestia by SanadaOokmai

    [36] Source

    alternate future Rarity by SanadaOokmai

    [37] Source

    Bonbon by SanadaOokmai

    [38] Source

    Link custom My Little Pony by SanadaOokmai

    [39] Source

    Queen Chrysalis by SanadaOokmai

    [40] Source

    OC Custom - GreyScale by Amandkyo-Su

    [41] Source

    Custom Paint- Derpy by TrueLuminescence

    [42] Source

    The Living Tombstone OC by daisymane

    [43] Source

    Sunset Shimmer by LightDragon1988

    [44] Source

    Twilight Sparkle Cover by Cloud-Dash

    [45] Source

    'Tango Trot' OC Commission by DawnDreamer12

    [46] Source

    Raising the Night by StrayC70

    [47] Source

    Zecora by HamPony by HamPony

    [48] Source

    Rainbow Dash, Dangerous Business by uBrosis

    [49] Source

    Akiana Thunderhoof Remake by DawnDreamer12

    [50] Source

    FiM: Flutterbooty by AlexCroft1991

    [51] Source

    {Perler} Fluttershy is a Natural Beauty by OddishCrafts

    [52] Source

    Rarity's Fashions Collage by Malte279

    [53] Source

    Special Agent Sweetie Drops by Malte279

    [54] Source

    Cutiemark Crusaders Painting by TrueLuminescence

    [55] Source

    Rainbow Colorant Factory Model: HO Scale by lonewolf3878

    [56] Source

    FOH Dahlia Princess by kelseyleah

    [57] Source

    MLP:FIM Princess Luna 3 by uBrosis

    [58] Source

    My little pony Scarf Cutie mark Princess Luna by AllunaKitsune

    [59] Source

    My little pony Scarf Cutie mark Applejack by AllunaKitsune

    [60] Source

    Fruit Luna by Breakfast-Tee

    [61] Source

    Pony Shotglass Set by Cyle

    [62] Source

    Loveship is Magic - Collage by Malte279

    [63] Source

    Happy Honeymoon by Malte279

    [64] Source

    Rarity3 by Nachtana

    [65] Source

    An Old Family Squabble by HamPony by HamPony

    [66] Source - Juan

    Cutie Mark Lamps

    [67] Source

    Peacekeeper Pony

    [68] Source - Igen

    Titan - Celestial Wrath

    [69] Source

    Nightmare Moon

    [70] Source - Antti

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