• Community Soapbox #19 - Twi and Star Long Lost Sisters? Will Scorpon Return? And More!

    It's that time of the week once again! What madness will the brony fandom conjure this time? We got some good ones for you all this week.

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    This week we dive into the following:

    • The Pony Experience
    • Will Scorpan Appear in the Future?
    • Starlight and Twilight - Long Lost Sisters - Theory
    • The Most Underrated Episode of MLP
    • Flurry Heart's Destiny

    And get your soapboxes below!

    The Pony Experience
    By: Bill Ames

    Watching an episode or a movie the first time is different than watching it again. When you watch the first time you do not know what will come next and do not concentrate on what you just saw. The next time you know what is coming, you have an anticipation of pleasure. You may have just watched a scene with enjoyable content. If you really liked an episode you may have missed things or were distracted by things and forgot what you just saw and missed what came next. For episodes that you did not enjoy you may not be motivated to rewatch or if you do you will find yourself being very critical in what you see. If we mix in some music, this can derail your experience. Not so good music will distract from overall enjoyment and good music can prop up an underwhelming story. The many reviews you see finding things wrong are doing this frame by frame and word by word, you did not notice because that is not how you watch. Mix in how an episode works within the total story arc and consistency of character presentation you may have a very muddled opinion.

    Will Scorpan Appear in the Future?
    By: MegaSean45

    SUMMARY: Remember back in the season 4 finale, Twilight's Kingdom, Lord Tirek had a brother, Scorpan, that abandoned him a thousand years ago? We didn't get into much detail about that, not even in the Fiendship is Magic comic featuring the two. Now Scorpan did what he had to do about reporting Tirek to the princesses, but how did Scorpan really feel about that? It's one thing having your brother being put in prison, but this is leaving your brother in prison in a foreign land and not even paying any visits! That seems a little low, and it really affected Tirek's trust with anybody, even Discord, which is why he betrayed Discord before Discord could betray him. But what if there's time when Scorpan decides to make peace with his brother with the help of the Mane Six? It would make for an interesting season arc! Scorpan was originally a prince in MLP G1, enslaved by Tirek (whom he had no relations with), and was a pretty close friend of Spike! Knowing me as an uber Spike fan, you'd know I'd love to see a close bond between Spike and Scorpan in G4, if Scorpan gets a season on here!

    Starlight and Twilight - Long Lost Sisters - Theory
    By:  Brony250

    In my introduction I was explaining of the possibility about Twilight and Starlight being biological sisters. Here are my main theories on how I think they are:

    · Hometown: We have seen Starlight’s hometown in the Season 5 finale, however, it doesn’t mean nor is there prove (yet) that she was born there. We could assume that she was adopted, and then move to that town when she was only a baby.

    ·Adoption/Reason: In “Baby Cakes” Twilight and Rarity both mentioned about baby unicorns having “magic surges” seeing as Twilight and Starlight both share quite an enormous amount of magic I believe in theory that with the two of them together could cause a massive surge that could be dangerous to both of them thus having to separate them.

    ·Why Starlight? As Twilight said Starlight’s has shown just how powerful her magic is. My theory is that her magic was shown to have far more power as an infant than Twilight’s. So seeing as though Starlight’s magic could cause more harm than Twilight’s she had to be the logical choice to be given away for her own protection as well as Twilight’s.

    Do you agree with these possibilities? Next time: My thoughts on the end of The Crystalling.

    The Most Underrated Episode of MLP
    By: FluttershyPegasus

    When I first saw "On Your Marks", I loved it. Upon watching it a second time it became my second favourite CMC episode yet (Crusaders of the lost mark was of course first), but the reactions from many fans seemed to be rather negative. I will explain why I thought it was an excellent episode.

    Firstly, the story of the episode was one of the most mature themes I've seen in the whole show-whilst most other CMC episodes revolved around solving problems younger children might have, such as bullying, OYM's story was based around the drawbacks to growing up, in particular, when you leave a school where all your friends are, they can sometimes feel like they're drifting apart. Applebloom's song was touching in its entirety but perhaps the most thought provoking lines are "I guess as time goes by, everypony has to go out on their own." This yet again establishes the theme of having to go out and be separated from your family and friends-theme's explored in films like "The Lion King", "Star Wars" and "The Lord of The Rings"-all are Bildungsroman stories, or stories about growing up, and that I think is an excellent description of the CMC arc, with OYM essentially being an epilogue to this story. Plus Applebloom's uncertainty as to what to do wth her life should speak much closer to home with young adults than young children. Even if I haven't convinced you I still recommend going back and rewatching the episode and perhaps gathering new respect for it.

    Flurry Heart's Destiny
    By: Coffiecats

    Is there a reason why we have a 5th alicorn princess, Flurry Heart?

    First, let's take a look at the other alicorns. Starting with Flurry's mom, Cadence. She's the Princess of Love, but in Greek, many words for "love" exist. Cadence is most related to "Eros", romantic love. Twilight, princess of friendship would be "philia". Luna, princess of the moon is "storge", and Celestia is either "pragma" or "agape".

    Clues from the series itself put Flurry Heart as the future princess of "playfulness"! Or, in Greek, yet another form of love- "Ludus", a playful love. It's that feeling when we go through early stages of falling in love, e.g. the fluttering heart, flirting, teasing, and feelings of euphoria. This love is often lost in long-lasting relationships. Yet playfulness is one of the secrets to keeping the childlike innocence of love alive; interesting and exciting! We see that even as a baby, Flurry is EXTREMELY playful. In addition, her first seen emotional attachment is to Pinkie, an equally playful pony- and she cries when pulled away from her.

    Is Flurry the future princess of "playfulness", born for a time when Equestria would need her abilities in the distant future?