• Story: Fallout Equestria: Outlaw (Update Part 10!)

    [Dark][Adventure][Crossover] The Fallout community has brought us another bit fic for the quarter! Below, dive back into the world of pony wastelanding!

    Author: Tofu
    Description: My whole life turned upside-down the night I saw her. The Stable Dweller, they called her. One minute I'm flying my scheduled recon mission and the next, I'm a fugitive on the run. I found much more than I bargained for once I finally settled into my new home—The Wasteland. A pony I thought I'd killed years ago. A pony who wants me dead... along with an entire city's worth of my fellow pegasi.

    I'm Lieutenant Mach of Neighvarro 1st Recon. This is my story.
    Fallout Equestria: Outlaw (New Part 10!)

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